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Honesty, integrity, and tremendous experience to add value to every project.
Construction Engineer

We can provide open book construction management to oversee projects entirely. Alternatively, we can provide experienced foremen to expertly manage our crews as well as coordinate with other trades and design professionals on projects GC'd by others or the owner directly.  Our reputation and focus on teamwork has allowed us to excel in both capacities.


Not your typical owner's representative by any measure. We work solely with the owner's best interest in mind, without any hidden relationships or ulterior motives.  You also won't find us juggling too many projects, so you can rest assured that your home receives the special attention and care it deserves. Our philosophy seeks efficiency so everyone involved can put their best effort into the highest quality product.  Though we have our recommendations for the top players in every trade, we never push for our contacts to be on the project and are happy to advise on and collaborate with any owner preferred vendors. 

Blueprint Design

Our experience with hands on construction means we know what is happening on our projects every step of the way.  Louis graduated from Tufts University School of Engineering with a BSE in Architectural Studies.  From there he worked at architecture firms in Cambridge MA, Washington D.C. and Manhattan to ultimately return to his family's business.  He brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge in materials, means and methods, finances, and building systems. Most importantly we understand how valuable time and peace of mind is when it comes to the experience your friends and family have in your home.

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