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>>We first met Michael DeLesia in 2003, when his firm, DeLesia Construction, was engaged to do the structural framing for our new 10,000 square foot home and 5 car garage.

However, we quickly realized that Michael DeLesia was far more than that!  He immediately began to alert us to dramatic flaws in the plans, that our construction manager and architect DID NOT see.  He saved us many weeks of time, and of course, he helped us save money on this and numerous other occasions throughout the construction process.

His input was critically important to our project and he also has excellent taste and is particularly talented within his field.  He brought a daily calmness to the project, even during the most stressful times.  Once his original scope of work was complete, he also began to do some very difficult interior work, including installing massive 1,500 pound beams in our kitchen, that our interior carpenter could not do!  Michael also got involved with the design and installation of a massive slate roof, with the same beams, which is over our extensive exterior stone decking.

Subsequent to that amazing experience and his consistent efforts, which far exceeded his actual responsibilities, we utilized him on two spec homes we built.  Again, he was amazing, came in under budget, and prior to the agreed completion date.  Thus, his manner of business is something that endures and will certainly enhance whatever you are considering.

His crew is courteous, timely, neat, and trustworthy. You will not ever find a more diligent and committed group of men!

>>Well, I must admit I do not know Michael as yet, but I do know Louis and when I read the other testimonial I realize that Louis is an ideal branch of the same tree.  In various tasks of completely different nature, Louis has done everything well (either himself or through subs he oversees, from painting and carpentry to advice or services of plumbing and construction) and in his quiet, polite, friendly and non-aggressive way he is always right on schedule and always good to his word.  I also have a strong impression that he would give up a good job possibility were it not appropriately affordable or one that was not within the expertise of his associates, although I don’t know what that would be.


It is great to have his basic honesty, for it may not land as much immediate work, but in the long run it will far outclass the competition in efficiency and skill and bring a large following of loyal clients who know the difference and are grateful they have found such high competence and trustworthiness.

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