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We offer unparalleled experience and knowledge in every aspect of property maintenance.

We have the depth of resources to properly manage any task from Manhattan to Montauk, from scheduled seasonal maintenance to the immediate attention required for a major emergency in the middle of the night.  While managing properties we keep our eyes and ears open for future hazards to minimize the likelihood of future events.  We address minor issues before they escalate.  We also propose redundancy in systems and alarms so future issues are noticed immediately and never grow beyond small inconveniences since the appropriate back up systems are in place.

Electrical Inspectors

Did you know that one device added to your home could save 7.5% annually on your insurance premium?  With our unmatched experience in construction and property management we are able to provide a full assessment of your home from building envelope to all the functioning systems inside, focusing on loss prevention.  We inspect every home with an extensive check list of recommendations to avoid common failures and make the inevitable ones as painless as possible.  We are able to provide a wide-range of solutions to save you time and money.  More importantly we can add to your peace of mind by helping to prevent unfortunate incidents and expensive insurance claims.

Buying a House

Everything we do or manage inside your home will be performed with the end goal to provide you with true peace of mind.  We understand your expectations:  that everyone treats your home with care and respect, that money is never wasted, and that appropriate upgrades or replacements are recommended and considered in order to create a constantly improving living environment.   Especially on seasonal, vacation homes only used for months or weekends out of the year, we understand that our job is to ensure that your home performs as expected instead of providing additional work and stress.

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